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No subcontractors!Our Services:

We service sweep our customers' accounts at night when their businesses are closed. Depending on a property's needs, service is provided 7 nights a week including, yes Saturdays and Sundays and all holidays except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The type of service recommended depends on some very important factors. The items listed below will determine how often a property needs to be serviced

  • Budgets: All or most services are paid by CAM costs, service needed verses monies available are a delicate balance. We work closely with our clients and their budgets to make it all happen.
  • Locations: Commercial district versus Residential surrounds, will dictate when and how a property can be service swept.
  • Landscape: The type of landscaping plays a big factor in how much and how often landscape debris needs to be swept up.
  • Clientele: The type of business being conducted on the property has a direct determination as to how much trash needs to be removed.
  • Aesthetics: The overall appearance desired, balanced by funds available can play a role in determining the best type of service.

Our scope of work on each account contracted is as follows:

  • The following debris i.e. trash, cups, paper, light sand, loose light gravel, landscape debris, leaves, grass clippings, small branches and broken glass are gathered and swept up from areas described below:
  • We blow clear of debris as needed within the subjects' property boundaries' curbs and corners and those areas that are adjacent to the parking lots.
  • From the curbs and corners of those areas that make up landscape islands and landscape planters in the parking lot.
  • The areas behind tire stops in the parking lots, driveway entrances and exits and the property's general drive lanes and parking areas throughout.
  • To follow as needed is a general sweeping of the above mentioned parking areas by one of our vacuum sweepers by company employees.

We are very serious about the sweeping services we provide for you and consider it a privilege to be part of what it takes to make any client's property a success, both aesthetically and financially. We will do our best to make you and your company satisfied.

Phone and FAX: (858) 455-8398
Email: MPSINC@san.rr.com

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